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Building in Australia is broken – 27,959 have signed a Petition on

Home owners in Australia are being impacted by a broken building industry causing emotional distress, financial ruin, family dynamics and distress, and only a Royal Commission will arrest the downfall.

The cladding issue, the lack of consumer protection, the quality of buildings, the quality of trades, and a culture not aligned with a fair go, all contribute to massive building failures in Australia.

Home owners with flammable cladding are being targeted to pay for the industries failure with bills arriving out of the blue of up to $100k when they in fact purchased a fully compliant building.

The systems failure being thrust on the end user is just not fair.

All home owners deserve better but when things go wrong this current system virtually destroys people and puts them on a merry-go-round of despair for many years.

To highlight the extent of the issue the report “Governing the Compact City” by the NSW university showed 85% of all apartments built in NSW between 2002 & 2012 had defects.

Key stakeholders who work at the coal face have been ignored and continue to be held captive by unconscionable government behaviour which continues to deliver regulatory outcomes that further compound accountability at the top of the chain.

Almost 70 reviews/inquiries over the past decade and a half have only fiddled at the edges and not resolved the fundamental issues facing the industry.

A short sharp Royal Commission will expose all the shortfalls of the national building industry.

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