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Building Practitioners Board found Kitchener ‘Kitch’ Crespin guilty of thirty two allegations including two counts of creating false documents and forging the owners signature for a false claim in legal proceedings and creating a false contract document.

Kitchener Crespin – The Building Practitioners Board found the practitioner guilty of thirty two allegations in relation to three sites at Glen Iris, Cheltenham and Hughesdale. There were eight allegations relating to the Cheltenham site and were for breaching s16 for carrying out internal alterations for the removal of a wall and installation of structural beams for support prior to the building permit being issued. The practitioner also breached s31(1), s13(1) & (2) of the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995 for having a non compliant contract, entering into a cost plus contract and not meeting the exceptions to do so nor containing a fair and reasonable estimate of the likely total money to be received under the contract respectively. (more…)