Reform in the Northern Territory

Builders across Australia pour hundreds of millions of dollars in to State And Territory Governments for them to provide consumer protection to our clients, but these funds are wasted and consumers suffer as well as our industry management.

The NT Giles Government have demonstrated their understanding of the building industry through the “Cureton Review” final report, that will see appropriate industry management and consumer protection (Cureton Review final report below).

Minister David Tollner’s press release at this link:

They have developed a holistic system of consumer protection and industry management we endorse, and includes:

  • A one stop shop
  • A Statuary warranty Fund to be administered by Government
  • All contractors to be registered
  • Registration will include financial assessment and access to the statuary Fund
  • Registration period of 3 years
  • Payment protection for subcontractors
  • Reduction in red tape
  • Both Low-Rise and Hi-Rise Residential properties are included in the new system

I believe this document is vitally important as it encompasses all the concerns we hold for the reform of the system here in Victoria and New South Wales.

Click here to download the Final Report: Review of Building Industry Regulatory Framework in the Northern Territory

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